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Seven million visitors are expected to enter the spectacular arch of Rotterdam’s new indoor food market annually. A steady stream of fresh produce meanwhile is transported from the dispatch center located on the lower ground floor.


A mesmerizing array of sights and fragrances unfolds at the entrance to Markthal Rotterdam, the first indoor food market in the Netherlands. The horseshoe-shaped food empire lies in the Soho of Rotterdam, a hotspot for hip bars and boutiques. Under a futuristic dome decorated with 3D images of food, visitors can go one-stop shopping for fresh organic produce from more than 100 stalls, or grab a bite at any of the dozens of specialty eateries.

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Building facts

  • Completed: 2014
  • Floors: 15
  • Total sales space: 12,000 sqm
  • Total floor area: 95,000 sqm
  • Flow: 7 million people annually
  • Building owner: several
  • Developer: Provast
  • Architect: Winy Maas
  • Contractor: J.P van Eesteren

KONE solutions

  • 17 KONE MonoSpace® Special elevators
  • 8 KONE freight elevators
  • 10 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators
  • 17 operators for sliding doors
  • KONE Care™ Maintenance Service
  • To win a coveted contract for one of Rotterdam’s widely publicized architectural landmarks
  • To deliver elevators and escalators serving seven million customers annually, keeping visitor traffic separate from goods
  • To carry out installation under challenging conditions, working with numerous specialized teams in narrow pit cut-outs
  • KONE demonstrated its competence by taking the customer on a personalized tour of its major projects in Rotterdam
  • All KONE solutions are based on detailed capacity calculations, with KONE providing early-stage input
  • Attentive project management guaranteed that installation was completed quickly and efficiently

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