Our mission at KONE is to improve the flow of urban life. To capture the essence of urbanization, we bring you stories of people from 17 cities. Sathish Raja Kalaiyarasan gives us a glimpse into the city life in Chennai, the 36th-largest urban area in the world.

“I have lived in Chennai for a little over 3 years. Being a major developing city, it attracts many people from rural areas. But urbanization has led to more congestion and road traffic. The city is trying to overcome these challenges.

In recent years, there have been major advances in metro and highway projects. Better technology and rapid modernization has eased transport in the city, both vertically and horizontally, and improved accessibility around the city.

Shopping malls are also one of the most notable changes in the city. People have started spending a lot of their time anchored around these places and it has changed their lifestyles as well.

Architecture and layout play a great role in the development of Chennai. I like the fact that past remains part of its present in this city.”

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