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Create a tailor-made maintenance plan for your elevators, escalators, and building doors with KONE. The predictive maintenance services are updated with data from the Internet of Things (IoT) so that the needs of each customer are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Choose the products and services that best meet your needs and stay up to date wherever you are with smart digital predictive tools. By using the KONE Mobile app, our customers can keep track of their service schedule as well as receive reports from technicians conducting servicing.


Tailor made, just for you

With our flexible maintenance service offering, you can pick from our wide range of products and services to create a tailored maintenance plan that meets your unique needs instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all solution. The system updates every time it receives new data so a technician can be on hand at the right time and keep your equipment running smoothly. All our customers receive the benefits that predictive maintenance brings with the products that work best for their building.


Stay up to date wherever you are

Keeping track of past, ongoing, and upcoming maintenance work can be tough. Our digital channels, including the new KONE Mobile app, keep you and your team up to date 24/7 – wherever you are.

What options and services are right for you?

When you’re choosing what you want to include in your maintenance contract for elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, it pays to think about the needs of your building, your equipment and your users. Below are some examples of the sorts of things you need to think about.



Is your building accessible 24/7, or only during working hours? Is yours a tall building where the elevator is used a lot? What is the purpose of your building? How frequently is maintenance required under regulations where you are located? How will your business be affected by the downtime of an elevator for maintenance?



Do you have users with special accessibility needs? What problems might arise for you and your users if equipment like an elevator breaks down? How can we personalize a service plan that meets the needs of your users in the best way?



How many pieces of equipment does your building have, and what brand and model are they? How old is the equipment in your building, and what kind of condition is it in?


Preventive maintenance from KONE

Our maintenance services for elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors include essential and customizable options to meet all your service needs, big or small.


Get the basics right

Our essential services cover all the basic maintenance activities for your equipment, including maintenance that you must do to comply with local legislation. Essentials include things like how you want your equipment to be maintained, help with maintenance audits, and how passengers can communicate with KONE if there’s a breakdown or emergency.


Boost performance, the smart way

Take advantage of the latest in intelligent predictive maintenance with KONE 24/7 Connected Services – fewer faults, faster repairs, increased safety, and a clear picture of everything that’s going on with your equipment. Our data-based solutions are saving time and money by making use of intelligent monitoring of all the products and connected devices that we service. The advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology provides fault codes from easily installed sensors on all the equipment.

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Get problems fixed fast

Our repair and breakdown services include options for every possible situation: unplanned repairs, breakdowns and other malfunctions, or shutdowns. Technicians receive data and are able to respond rapidly as the need arises.

Stay up to date anywhere, any time

Real-time maintenance info at your fingertips. KONE Mobile allows our customers to receive building and maintenance data in real-time and maintain the safest and most efficient user experience no matter where you are.

You’re in safe hands

You’re in safe hands

Learn about your maintenance journey with KONE and our intelligent maintenance services and contract options for elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors. See how the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) make your equipment safer for your users and more cost-effective for you. Our predictive maintenance services have been improving the elevator industry for customers across the world since our beginning. Since 2016 our focus on people flow has made it even safer and more reliable.

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