Destination Dispatch Elevator - Elevator Key Card System

Maximizing elevator efficiency

Unlike conventional destination control solutions, which only register the desired travel direction, our elevator control and destination control systems take into account desired destination floors and the number of passengers waiting to significantly improve elevator efficiency and elevator performance and reduce waiting time. You will appreciate the value of these significantly improved destination control systems during the busiest and most intense traffic times, including rush hours, when you need an elevator system that can remain highly efficient even under pressure.

The KONE destination control systems solutions use the latest technologies available, with the use of cutting-edge software innovations and artificial intelligence. Thanks to these advanced technologies, our destination control systems can learn and forecast for optimal building traffic management. For example, when people's movement within your building intensifies or changes, the control system assesses these changes. It alters destination dispatch systems accordingly, including increased elevator handling capacity at the busiest times.

With traditional destination control systems, the elevator waiting time increases when traffic grows. However, with KONE's advanced destination dispatch systems, the operating mode is adjusted to meet the needs, reduce waiting time, and improve user satisfaction. KONE is proud to have installed destination dispatch elevator products in buildings like the DOHA Tower, Qatar, with 46 floors and 21 elevators.

Elevator performance

  • Advanced technology and flexibility enables elevator efficiency and passenger convenience in one elevator control system.
  • Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators by assigning people an elevator according to their destination floor increases elevator systems performance.
  • Attractive, user-friendly operating panels, including an elevator control system with touchscreens and mobile applications for smartphones.
  • Easy integration with KONE Access or third-party access control systems and elevator efficiency that out performs many other destination systems.
  • Integration of destination dispatch systems with the building's access control systems means improved security, with restricted access and the use of access cards and PIN codes.
  • Thanks to KONE smart elevator systems that group passengers by destination, reduced waiting times, meaning fewer stops and shorter rides.
  • Personalized for passenger comfort, with audible passenger guidance to help make the KONE elevator systems unique.
  • Minimal disturbance, with shorter installation time, meaning less downtime of elevators, keeping your building users happy, and less impact on business and trade.

Elevator control system highlights


Two types of destination solutions

With traditional destination control systems, elevators are called using destination operating panels only. But with hybrid destination control systems, elevator efficiency is improved by using destination operating panels in the main entrance floors as well as normal car operating panels in the elevator cars.


Operating panels

Our range of stylish car and destination operating panels are easy to use and enhance the look of your lobby and elevators. Simply choose your destination floor on the operating panel, and the display will tell users which elevator to take.



With the KONE RemoteCall™ mobile application, passengers can call an elevator from anywhere in the building using their mobile device. The RemoteCall™ is incredibly convenient and easy to use, allowing you to call your elevator quickly, providing users with a personalized and intelligent service.


Tablet application

KONE RemoteCall™ with fixed source floor can be used as a temporary destination operating panel to maintain elevator system efficiency, or by receptionists to call elevators for visitors.

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Integrated access and destination control

The KONE elevator control system can be integrated with KONE Access or a third-party access control system to further enhance security and people flow.

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By integrating our turnstile solutions with our destination and access solutions you benefit from consistent design, flexible personalization features, and enhanced comfort for visitors and tenants

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