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We offer different types of elevator products, including residential elevators, commercial elevators, and service elevators.

More than likely, an elevator you have taken contained the KONE brand. Our world-class elevator company has been making history in innovation, manufacturing elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Our DX class elevators offer innovative smart building products and solutions that improve the user experience and future-proof your building.

The history of the KONE elevator company began in 1910 in Helsinki. A century later, we are leading the way in a new era for elevator manufacturing, enabling the smooth flow of millions of people across the world.

The KONE elevator company's objective is to be a leader in sustainability in elevator products manufacturing. At KONE, we are proud of our high level digital transformation and intelligent products. This new era of digital transformation has been applied to our core products, elevators, escalators, travelators, doors, and intelligent building solutions. Modernization helps to improve elevator performance for a smoother, smarter people flow. KΟΝΕ has been improving people flow for 110 years and wants to help you design and plan smarter green sustainable buildings, creating better places to live and work.

KONE DX Class elevators

Our smart elevators help you accelerate construction and operate safe and productive jobsites. Elevator digitization revolutionises user experience and makes the flow of people smoother and more reliable than ever before.

KONE 24/7 connected services uses the Internet of Things (IoT) platform and other advanced technologies in order to optimise your DX class elevators equipment’s performance and reliability. Our intelligent elevator system future-proofs your building.

KONE DX Class elevators give building users an experience that inspires with our multi-sensory elevator products, materials, and technology. We are dedicated to meeting targets to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, pledging to be carbon neutral by the year 2030, with the news of KONE Care™ DX, the first carbon-neutral maintenance service, and control system provided by an elevator company in history.

Calculate construction time saved today

Calculate construction time saved today

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Types of elevators to choose from

See our future-proof elevators with built-in connectivity for improved people and material flow.

KONE MonoSpace® DX

Versatile machine room-less passenger elevators for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 90 m
  • MAX. LOAD 33 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 3.0 m/s
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KONE MiniSpace™ DX

Adaptable and durable freight elevators and passenger elevators for public transport, retail, and hospital buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 210 m
  • MAX. LOAD 26 persons
  • MAX. SPEED 4.0 m/s
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KONE TranSys™ DX

Adaptable and durable freight elevators and passenger elevators for public transport, retail, and hospital buildings.

  • MAX. TRAVEL 40 m
  • MAX. LOAD 5,000 kg
  • MAX. SPEED 1.6 m/s
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With our planning tool you can undertake the most challenging elevator projects. For example, KONE’s innovative technologies made it possible to install elevators in the CITIC Tower, the tallest tower in Beijing. With KONE’s JumpLift™ technology saving about 320,000 hours of work per year. Not only does the KONE JumpLift elevators shorten construction schedules, they also speed up the movement of workers and materials. KONE elevators with UltraRope hoisting technology systems were installed in the CITIC Tower. The UltraRope has a substantial weight reduction that significantly improves energy efficiency. KONE’s digital system connects people and equipment to improve people flow as well as building planning and management.

Use cases for KONE DX Class elevators


Residential elevators

KONE offers innovative smart elevators for residential buildings. Our residential elevators can be built with smart tech options that make people's everyday lives easier.


Commercial elevators

The KONE DX experience is also available for commercial elevators. Customize the lighting and add smart building solutions that enhance the user experience of your building.


Service elevators

KONE DX Class freight elevators and service elevators offer smart building solutions like built-in cloud connectivity. Get elevators with exceptional load capacity and future-proof your building.

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