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Your elevators systems are the core and principal means of traveling throughout your residential, business, and commercial buildings. A high-level physical access and security systems are vital to keep building users safe and protect against potential security breaches.

KONE Access is a scalable and flexible access control system that is integrated with your elevators and building doors for a seamless elevator access control system. Our security and access control systems solutions combine user interface devices like access card readers, system hardware, and access control management software.

In addition to providing its own access solutions, KONE can integrate any third-party security and access systems or solutions with its elevator system, offering you complete freedom of choice.

Interface integration, including your human resource systems, alarm security systems, building management systems and products, CCTV, biometrics systems, and data, including camera recognition. KONE third-party access control systems for integration include personalized elevator systems, giving users the flexibility to choose to integrate their systems to the level they need. KONE is proud to provide an individualized access control systems service rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. With our planning tools, you can choose the security and access control level as well as the method of implementation and cost. Integration is possible both with conventional elevators and those that use a destination control system.

Access control benefits

KONE access control systems and security solutions and products have transformed people flow management and the building security network. Take your access control to another level. Our access control systems are key to protecting building users with numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved people flow and security by integrating your access control system with your elevator access control and door solutions.
  • Easy planning, installation, and operation – one access control system, one partner.
  • Personalized access control and security authentication for building users, with personal profiles that can be granted varying levels of permissions, access, and security clearance.
  • Possible to scale up and adapt your elevator access control system and access control management if your needs change.
  • Users benefit from our advanced technologies, including cloud-based access control systems, data analytics, biometrics, and smart authentication key systems – moving traffic through your residential buildings and business efficiently.




Access card readers can be mounted alongside doors or elevator landing call stations. They can also be integrated with elevator operating panels and turnstiles, allowing tenants to show their access card and choose their destination floor at the same time. KONE access card readers provide a high level of security and allow for effective people flow and physical access management. Keeping people without the correct level of permissions out of secure areas.

img_pfi access_integrated acces and destination control


The access control system can be integrated with the elevator destination control system further to enhance the flow of people in the building. KONE access control products allow you to create personalized elevator calls for user groups with our destination control systems.

KONE Turnstile 50 is ideal for offices, airports, and multifunctional buildings.


By integrating our turnstile solutions with our destination and access solutions, you benefit from the consistent design, flexible personalization features, and enhanced comfort for visitors and tenants, whether in residential or business locations. An important feature of our turnstile technologies is a personalized elevator call to the user’s desired level or floor. When a building user swipes their access badge or key, it will open the access gate or turnstile and initiate the personalized elevator call. With optional access control security, identity, and authentication features, our elevator access control products offer advanced functionalities.

img_pfi access_951x535


Our stylish elevator car and destination operating panels are easy to use and enhance the look of your lobby. Operating panels can be integrated with card readers, allowing users to show their identity access card and choose a destination level simultaneously.



Our access maOur access management software gives you complete control over building access via an easy-to-use interface. KONE access management software features include defining and managing access level and zones, time profiles, personal access rights and permissions, visitor access, and user administration rights.



If you already have an access control supplier, we can integrate their solution with our elevator system. Users with the appropriate rights, including facility and building managers, can then easily login to KONE’s access management network and have complete control over building access through one easy-to-use cloud-based interface, controlling physical access and security, including the building door interface, which allows you to open, lock or unlock doors and turnstiles.

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