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The KONE TransitMaster™ 140 moving is a highly durable escalator designed for the most demanding public transportation environments, such as a metro station or an international airport. KONE walkway and escalator solutions lead the industry in reliability, quality and safety. Our moving walkways and escalators meet the most critical safety requirements, such as fire resistant standards and corrosion resistance, that are suitable for escalators and moving walkways that are required for moving long distances like an international airport. KONE TransitMaster™ 140 escalators are designed for continuous operating hours, high people flow and long distances, enabling seamless people movement designed for a wide variety of buildings, with the customised specification to best meet the needs of your premises.


  • Operational environment: indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor
  • Speed: 0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s
  • Inclination: 27.3–30º
  • Step width: 1000 mm
  • Vertical rise: up to 35 m

Escalator safety

  • Safety is the starting point for every KONE escalator and moving walkway solution. The TransitMaster 140 escalator conforms to all local and international safety codes.
  • We provide standard escalator safety features including comb plate impact device switches and emergency stop buttons for passengers.

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Escalator options and highlights

Travelmaster 140

Escalator eco-efficiency

KONE is proud to be ranked among the top 100 most sustainable companies globally and the only escalator, elevator, and moving walkways company in the ranking. The KONE TransitMaster™ 140 has achieved an A+++ energy performance certificate based on ISO standards. Our eco-efficient escalator and moving walkways use high-efficiency motors that minimize energy consumption at full speed.

Installing our eco-efficient escalators can help you achieve green building accreditations. For example, our escalator and moving walkway solutions can contribute to LEED certification. Our escalators are equipped with sensor devices and automation so that it operates on standby mode, contributing to BREEAM certification.

  • Smart operational modes and an inverter optimize escalator energy consumption under different load conditions
  • Long lasting escalator LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lighting and lasts up to 10 times longer
  • An energy efficient inverter for moving stairs provides smooth speed regulation during standby operation and minimizes energy consumption at full speed
  • The optional regenerative technology for electric stairs cuts power consumption by recycling energy and feeding it back into the system
  • The lubrication-free pallet chain saves oil, reduces chain wear, and decreases fire risk
Travelmaster 140

Escalator safety

In addition to the standard escalator safety features, we offer optional safety features including

  • Audible alarms and traffic signalization provide clear guidance on escalator travel direction
  • Alarm for travel direction if passengers enter electric stairs in the wrong direction
  • New escalator traffic signalization solutions and colored step demarcations for extra visual guidance
  • Four-step horizontal section at the top and bottom of the escalator makes exit and entry smooth and safe
  • Extensive monitoring options such as KONE Remote Monitoring™ and KONE E-link™ to integrate with your building management systems
Travelmaster 120

Escalator design

High quality visual design for escalators offers the best possible user experience. KONE experts provide design and planning advice that helps you optimize your escalator and moving walkway solutions. Create tailor-made staircase design solutions to meet your exact specification with guidance every step of the way.

  • Innovative and attractive escalator lighting solutions that also improve passenger guidance and safety
  • A wide range of escalator design options to create stunning visual effects and perfectly match your building’s architecture
  • High quality component finishes and a harmonized look and feel throughout the KONE product portfolio"

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Escalator solutions

Product name
Maximum rise
KONE TransVario direct drive available
24/7 Connected Services available
Energy-efficiency class
TravelMaster™ 110
EscalatorCommercial, retail, hotel, office, multi-use, stadium, medical
13 m
0.5 m/s30°, 35°
TravelMaster™ 110TYesA+++
TravelMaster™ 115
Inclined autowalkCommercial, retail, hotel, office, multi-use, stadium, medical
7 m
0.5 m/s
10°, 12°

TravelMaster™ 120
15 m
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s27.3°, 30°, 35°TransitMaster™ 120TYesA+++
TravelMaster™ 140
35 m
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s27.3°, 30°TransitMaster™ 140TYesA+++
TravelMaster™ 165
Horizontal autowalkInfrastructure
100 m length
0.5, 0.65, 0.75 m/s



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