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Frequently asked questions

Below are some helpful answers to common questions about equipment maintenance and how to find out about current and upcoming maintenance work.

  • Our KONE Online web portal and KONE Mobile app give you and your team round-the-clock access to performance, maintenance, breakdown, and repair data for all your equipment.

  • You can check your equipment’s status via KONE Online or KONE Mobile. If the equipment is covered by KONE 24/7 Connected Services you’ll be able to see if we’re already working on fixing the problem. You can make a service request or report an incident by calling us or getting in touch directly from KONE Online or KONE Mobile.

  • KONE Online or KONE Mobile will show you all upcoming and past maintenance visits for all the equipment we maintain for you.

  • With KONE 24/7 Connected Services we can better predict, maintain, and take action before something breaks down.
    Contact your local KONE representative to find out more.

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KONE elevator company leads the industry for elevators, escalators, automatic building doors, manufacturing and products, including our control systems and high-level maintenance systems and solutions. Our mission is to improve people flow in urban areas and help add value to the life cycle of your buildings. Manage all your elevator systems in one place with KONE.

We have been working with our partners and customers since 1910 to create safer and more reliable smart systems. Check out our references page to see how our projects have enriched the urban fabric of cities across the globe. For example, our project at the Beijing Daxing airport with the installation of 174 KONE™ TravelMaster escalators and the KONE E-Link™ monitoring system. With a design like that of a mythical phoenix bird, this unique building design is the second-largest airport in Beijing, accommodating millions of passengers each year. We used a tailor-made seismic support design for the escalators systems and maintenance systems enabled with real-time monitoring of equipment usage and performance both locally and remotely.

KONE focuses on increasing the value we create for customers with the latest intelligent solutions and embedding sustainability for our products and services, including elevator systems and maintenance.

With the ever-growing populations in urban areas, we need improved and efficient movement of people within our urban environments. The Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent building management and maintenance systems are used by KONE to provide solutions and systems that help our customers achieve and maintain their eco-efficiency goals throughout the lifecycle of their building. Our efficient energy-saving systems can be applied both for the manufacturing of new elevator systems but can also be used to modernize existing elevator systems in older buildings. At KONE, we carefully consider all your elevator systems and products down to the smallest details. Simply replacing light bulbs with LEDs can contribute to much lower energy usage.

KONE is proud to be the first elevator company to provide the first carbon-neutral maintenance service, thanks to our AI-powered intelligent predictive maintenance system. For example, the core of our KONE Care™ DX maintenance system is the compensation of all carbon emissions caused by maintenance activities. We provide smart and predictive maintenance with fewer call-outs and longer equipment lifetimes to achieve our sustainability maintenance goals. We have also optimized our fleet of vehicles for less travel and low emission cars and vans. We also ensure energy-efficient smart spare part changes and reduced waste. Our team of expert service technicians plays a vital role in achieving our car neutral by 2030 goal and works with our innovative digital services.

<p>Real-time maintenance info at your fingertips. It is crucial to stay on top of your elevator maintenance, both in residential and commercial settings and at KONE, we provide both predictive and preventative elevator maintenance services. Keep all your elevator maintenance systems running smoothly with the KONE Mobile app and online products. With the Mobile app, you can monitor all your elevator systems and products in one place, having a clear view of what is happening with control systems and equipment. The Online web service is used to give round-the-clock access to all elevator service data, including maintenance, breakdown, repair data, and systems performance data. These online systems give you a comprehensive overview of your elevator service and systems, including maintenance contracts, and give you the ability to generate reports on elevator maintenance.

KONE mobile and online systems help you track the progress of all your maintenance all the way through to completion, with constant status updates and notifications straight to your smartphone or device. Facilities and building managers have a clear and up-to-date picture of everything going on with all equipment and systems, including online maintenance and reports and whether or not equipment is operating at optimal levels.

Our elevator maintenance systems help to extend the life of your elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. Contact our customer care center today to speak with a service expert about our easy-to-use Mobile and Online elevator services.

Real-time maintenance info at your fingertips

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