Firefighters elevators – EN 81-72:2015 compliant solutions

KONE firefighters elevators – EN 81-72:2015 compliant solutions

KONE solutions for firefighters elevators fulfill both the environmental and functional requirements of the EN 81-72:2015 standard. Our solutions include trap doors and ladders for rescue operations. All electrical and control equipment, their enclosures, and elevator operation in the event of fire meet the requirements of the standard.

A firefighters elevator can be used as a normal passenger elevator even if it has the additional protection, controls, and signalization to enable it to be operated by fire service personnel.

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Building and elevator requirements

The following must be taken into account:


  • Environmental requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • Water management
  • Power supply
  • Fire service communication system


  • Fundamental firefighter elevator requirements
  • Rescue of trapped firefighters in the elevator shaft
  • Control system
  • Car and landing controls
  • Fire service communication system

Fundamental elevator requirements

  • Minimum car size 1100 mm x 1400 mm, 630 kg
  • When evacuation required, minimum 1100 mm x 2100 mm for 1000 kg
  • Intercom connecting elevator car, fire service, and monitoring room
  • Ladders and trap door, minimum 400 mm x 600 mm for 630 kg cars, 500 mm x 780 mm for larger cars
  • IP23 Enclosure class for car controls and for electrical devices within 1 m of landing
  • Specific building-related requirements e.g. removal of water from pit by builder

Car interior options for firefighters elevators

1. Ceiling
LED spot lights CL80FF, CL80FFL, CL88FF, CL88FFL, CL96FF, CL96FFL

2. Car operating panel
Partial height KSC D23, KSC 143
Full height KSC D53 KSC D63, KSC D733

3. Handrail
Full offering available subject to restrictions set by local building codes.

4. Walls and flooring
Full offering available subject to restrictions set by local building codes.


Landing device options*

KSH D20, KSI D42,
KSI 573, KSA 573,
KSH 670, KSI 673, KSA 673

*Firefighters access level always requires position indicator


In-car ladder

Ladder can be located in the ceiling with trapdoor (CL88FFL) or to separate ladder cabinet (not available for KONE MonoSpace® 500 DX).


Landing door options

KES 600 and KES 800 doors
Stainless steel (F, K, M, H)
IP54 enclosure


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